a shiny thing Hope Mono M4 and Floating Rotor
Proof that you don't have to be big to be clever

These are unusual shiny things, in that they have no electronics in them. However, they are still very shiny. Those readers who know of Hope, or have some machine shop experience will notice that these have been made by machining lumps of metal. Most bicycle components are made by cold forging plus some finishing machining. This generally produces stronger parts since the metal grain is aligned with the shape of the part. This is ideal when the volume is high enough and the tooling cost can be absorbed. Iím sure Hope make a good volume of parts each year, but nothing on the scale of Shimano or SRAM.

These particular brakes are the only one-piece 4 piston brakes currently on the market. This is a good thing. Single piece callipers are stiffer than those manufactured from 2 halves. 4 piston callipers have slightly more power for a given rotor diameter: the point of application of the longer narrow pad is closer to the edge. Multiple pistons also give better control and feel at the lever.

This might seem like overkill for a bicycle, and in some ways it is. In practice thereís nothing like being able to stop when you want to! These brakes are really consistent, even in the wet and muck.

I also chose the floating rotor option. This adds £20 per set and what you get is added shininess. They do seem to stay true better than conventional flat steel rotors. Iíve only done one descent where Iíve heard them ticking as they contract afterwards. They stayed absolutely true though.

Iím running out of things to say, because they just work. If they donít I know from experience that Hope (In the UK at least) offer fantastic support. Ordering spares is a doddle, and warranty problems are dealt with honestly and quickly. Everything is user serviceable if you have a clue, and Hope supply most parts in a variety of colours which can be fun or tasteless depending on your viewpoint.

Thereís not much more to say. The price is pretty competitive, They work superbly, theyíll keep on working superbly, and they look shiny.

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